Our values and intentions

A message from our founder 

 KINDKINIS was founded with a mission in mind. Our goal is to help where we can, this includes providing aid to the global water crisis, while at the same time focus on the social responsibility every one of us holds. Our goal is to design a product safe for the environment, reducing our carbon footprint, while helping to find the best solution to change people's living conditions.

Creative solution to aid the global water crisis.

KINDKINIS MISSION - We founded KINDKINIS in 2018 as a creative solution to aid the global water crisis, starting with India, Africa, and South America. Here at KINDKINIS, we see how each of us has the power to make a difference. We are starting our mission by providing reliable water projects to communities who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation.

Keeping clothes out of landfills.

Fashion isn't perfect when it comes to pollution. We are working hard to ensure we manufacture all of our products in a way that respects life. We are doing this by minimizing our carbon footprint and waste by partnering with Wearable Collections. We will be collecting all of your unwanted, out of style, unloved swimsuits. Good condition or bad, well take them ALL. In return for your donation we will apply a 15% off your purchase. The concept behind this partnership is to design with earth in mind by reducing additional pollution in landfills.
Image credit: Wearable Collections
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