Our Story

Photographed by Victoria Mathews 

KindKinis is a swimwear company specializing in quality and trendy swimwear at affordable, transparent prices. When you purchase swimwear from us, proceeds are donated towards humanitarian projects—specifically towards building wells in developing nations  such as; Africa, India, and South America. 

Merilyn Lopez Founder of Kindkinis wasn’t always an entrepreneur. Merilyn graduated in psychology, she took on an internship at an emergency helpline after college and later on working as a Therapist for Autistic children, her most recent job was as a Counselor at an Orphanage in East Los Angeles. In 2015 Merilyn was physically assaulted at work by one of her clients. Merilyn suffered from a concussion, two broken ribs, dislocated jaw, and pinched nerves. Despite her accident, Merilyn wanted to help. Merilyn Lopez witnessed the hardships faced by children growing up by abandoned parents, abuse and/or neglect and who are learning to cope with the effects of trauma.

KindKinis was founded out of love and passion 2018 as a creative solution to help end the global water crisis. At KindKinis we see how we can unlock human potential by providing reliable water projects to communities who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation. KINDKINIS is committed to donating all proceeds to help end the clean water crisis in developing nations such as India, Africa, and South America.

What began as a simple business idea has evolved into a powerful business model that helps address need and advance health, education and economic opportunity and poverty cycle for children and their communities around the world.

KINDKINIS is partnered with Generosity.org
Generosity has helped 470K people, has funded 813 projects, all-around 20 Countries. Generosity.org’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty, restore dignity and inspire dreams. Currently, 663 million people around the world live without access to clean water. Through Generosity.org’s Water & Sanitation initiative, they work with implementing partners in the field to build sustainable clean water projects, the first step to breaking the cycle of poverty.

We want to help our neighbors and know you do, too. When you buy swimwear from us, you help bring clean water through new wells, rehabbed wells, rainwater catchment systems.

Socially conscious and charitable at heart, Kindkinis strives for the perfect balance—quality swimwear delivered to you with love.