Who Are We

Who Are We

Kindkinis, is a brand that embodies the significant power a company has on global justice. In this series, Who Are We, we will disclose what makes KindKinis a powerhouse in the swimwear market, and how their values impact countries around the world. A bathing suit created by KindKinis, is a summer piece like no other. Our goal is to present the world with swimwear that celebrates all bodies, but also symbolize and show how important it is to give back.

We pride ourselves in specializing in affordable timeless suits that cater to all shapes and sizes. We design pieces that are manufactured for women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. The styles compliment every figure, offering several one and two-piece options. Our bikini bottoms range from mid to fuller coverage, perfect for sitting on the beach in the tropics or surfing in Hawaii. Whatever the adventure, we’ve got you covered.
Our brand not only specializes in creating swimwear that you can feel physically comfortable in. We also create swimwear that you can feel mentally comfortable in as well. Our focus is the social responsibility every one of us holds. Our goal is to design a product safe for the environment and reducing our carbon footprint!

Coming in 2021, we are minimizing plastic use in shipments, we will work with recycled fabrics, and our suits won’t have any chemical or dye run-offs. We will also curate a collection of cruelty-free Vegan sustainable swimwear.

In 2018, we founded this brand with a mission in mind. Our goal was to help where we can, this includes providing aid to the global water crisis in India, Africa and South America. We have partnered with to bring clean water to communities by building wells with the proceeds donated by our Kindkinis. Every time you purchase a Kindkini, you help reach our goal to deliver communities’ sustainable access to clean water. When you shop Kindkinis, you are receiving a product made with care, while supporting a significant cause.

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