Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap Between 
Swimwear, Charity and Education

Kindkinis, is a brand that embodies the significant power a company has on global justice. In this series, Bridging the Gap, we will disclose what Kindkinis passion behind their brand is, and what they plan to achieve with their vision.
In 2018, we wanted to use our power in the swimwear world to bridge the gap between an item for consumption with charity and education. There is a dire need for us to take action. If no one attempts to make a difference, then a difference won’t be made. This is the reason behind why we established Kindkinis, our passion is to empower women and to bring awareness to the need for clean water in third world communities
Our overall mission is to utilize the swimwear industry to raise money, educate others on the need for sustainable water and create a brand for all women to feel empowered wearing.
To Empower Women 
A collection by Kindkinis isn’t your average swimwear piece, it is an item you can feel mentally and physically good wearing. You will see this on our website and on our social pages, where there are women who look like you modeling our swimwear. You won’t see a unrealistic body type, as that isn’t the message we are trying communicate. We want every person to understand that everyone’s body is a “bikini body”. Our company plans to tone down the sex-appeal around swimwear, while reminding you that this is a brand made by women for women.
To Educate 
Society needs to understand how every one of us, no matter how small the attempt or donation, can make a difference. Our goal is to help individuals to understand that they can make a change too. We aim to engage our online customers with progress reports with women in these communities, to help show people how influential they can be.
To Bring Awareness to the Clean Water Crisis 
Our mission transforms our customers into benefactors. We are empowering ourselves to help empower others. To start, our mission begins with funding a water project, but this is the first of many. By the end of 2022, we hope to have funded a well for a community of 500 people, giving them the necessity to live. Sustainable access to clean water gives third world countries the ability to enable agriculture, allows children to go to school, gives schools clean and sanitized water, and helps to build communities

Final Notes

We started Kindkini’s because of our passion for clean water awareness and elevating women. There is a need for empathy driven companies, and as a women-owned business, we believe we can fulfill these needs and bridge the gap. From our in-person pop-ups to our social media pages, we are very transparent with our passion. Our overall premise is to be a swimwear brand that is inclusive to all shapes and sizes of women, but to also bring relief and awareness to the clean water crisis. Our core value is in the Kindness Movement
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