De-emphasizing the Sexualization of Swimwear

De-emphasizing the Sexualization

Kindkinis, is a brand that embodies the significant power a company has on global justice. In this series, De-emphasizing the Sexualization, we will disclose how Kindkinis plans to re-define the way society views swimwear. 

Scrolling through Instagram, browsing on Facebook and flipping through a magazine, all offer the same depiction of women in bathing suits. Often times you will see the references of seduction surrounding these posts. Today, women can’t put on a bikini without being labeled suggestive and arousing.
What do we mean by de-sexualizing swimwear? Well, when we talk about sexualization, we refer to the awareness and attention brought to a person’s sexuality. This applies to the photoshoots taken of women in swimwear, in the context of how they promote the images and the way society reacts to them. When you see a woman in a swimsuit, they force you to see a “sex symbol”. For example, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, swimwear companies, Instagram accounts, even television shows such as the iconic Baywatch, they all depict women in swimsuits as a sex object.

De-emphasizing the sexualization of women's swimwear means toning down how it is promoted sexually. Instead of featuring a girl in a bathingsuit provocatively, we promote an image of happiness, confidence and authenticity.
Our society is obsessed with sexualizing women in swimwear, making any image seem tempting. Swimwear has become taboo, where bikini photos are instantly seen as sexual, making the overall concept of a bikini-at any age, provocative. We plan to take back that image, re-invent it to become just a swimsuit and not a sexual piece of clothing like lingerie is.

Our goal is to design a collection women can feel confident wearing. Regardless of your shape or size, you are beautiful. This is what we want every single current and future customer of Kindkinis to feel while wearing our swimwearand visiting our company pages.

We specifically choose our models for our social media, in-person pop-ups and website, this means you will never see an unattainable body image on anything regarding Kindkinis. Our company idolizes real women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and backgrounds. You will never see us photoshop an image of someone’s body to fit the standards of society.

Kindkinis has a mission, we want to promote a new image for women in swimwear. Where we don’t market sexualized images of women for sale, but a collection that mothers and their daughters don’t feel uncomfortable and awkward when browsing or purchasing together. It is important to us to tone down the sexualization of swimwear, so every suit you buy, you feel comfortable wearing. We created our brand to celebrate all women, and to give them the confidence when purchasing and wearing swimsuits.
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