March 29, 2021


Our Inspiration

Kindkinis, is a brand that embodies the significant power a company has on global justice. In this series, Our Inspiration, we will disclose what to expect from Kindkinis future collection, and what was behind the inspiration of the designs.
Our upcoming collection is something we are extremely excited to reveal. A lot of work has gone into the concept of our future line, as we want it to represent who we are and what we value as a company. As you have read in our previous posts, we are passionate about our mission. Our goal is to create a swimsuit brand women feel empowered and confident wearing, while utilizing the swimwear industry to raise money, and educate others on the need for sustainable water in third world countries.

Our new range features several swimsuit options. We design each suit to be timeless and interchangeable. The entire collection is vegan and made with eco-friendly materials. By creating each piece in the same solid colors, you have the opportunity to switch up the styles, ensuring a seamless match each time. We want you to feel comfortable and confident regardless of where you are or what you’re doing! Every body shape is unique. Our purpose is to promote swimwear that all women can feel powerful wearing, as everyone is beautiful, regardless of your shape, race, ethnicity, size, or background, and we want you to embrace it.

Not only have we created versatile solid prints, but a couple of our bikinis have a reversible print option as well. The prints we chose have an important inspiration behind them. As we work with and their key focus area is Africa, we are using Kindkinis to bring attention to African communities and to help give them sustainable water access, therefore we wanted to celebrate their culture with our new line. We hold a strong appreciation to their culture and traditions. Our prints are inspired by their traditional fabric patterns, and we have dedicated this upcoming collection to our partner communities.
Our brand’s overall mission: meaningful swimwear with a powerful message. Each piece of this collection has a name to show its significance. While wearing a swimsuit, we often find ourselves feeling vulnerable. Stepping out into public without something to help cover up our insecurities is nerve wrecking. Therefore we created our swimsuit line with style names referencing powerful mantra’s. Remember, you are beautiful; you are strong; you are fierce! Don’t forget to remind yourself of this, it can help uplift you to believe in your genuine beauty. 

 Feel fearless, wear Kindkinis!
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