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Kindkini’s Founder: Merilyn Lopez

(Kind)Kinis Founder 
Merilyn Lopez 

Kindkinis founder Merilyn Lopez is an entrepreneur with a mission. By empowering, engaging and educating individuals across the country, she plans to take the swimsuit industry by storm. In this series, Kindkinis Founder: Merilyn Lopez, we will disclose what inspired Merilyn to choose the path she did, and her purpose behind it.
Her Beginnings 

Merilyn Lopez is the owner and founder of Kindkinis swimwear line. She established the brand in 2018, with a mission in mind. Growing up in Los Angeles, and being raised by her parents along side her two younger siblings, Merilyn constantly fought to better her family. Her parents had immigrated to East Los Angeles after leaving Mexico, as they wanted to provide their family with a better future. With their life altering decision, new unexpected boundaries emerged. Not only were they in a new country, they also had to learn a new language, find their way in a unfamiliar city and navigate through these new beginnings. Merilyn, being the eldest child of 3, became the translator between her parents and their new life in LA. She went on to graduate from California State University of Northridge with a  degree in Psychology. Inspired by her family’s own journey with her brother’s autism, she worked hard to become a therapist for autistic children.




Merilyn’s life changed in an instant, one moment altered her entire journey. While working at the orphanage she was assaulted by one of her clients. In the beginning she wanted to become a therapist to help those who couldn’t help themselves, to try and guide children through their own personal traumas. But, after being attacked, that path to her goal had shifted. She knew she still wanted to help others, but she realized that it had to be in a different way.
Her Why 

Living in Southern California, Merilyn spent a lot of time outdoors and at the beach. Loving the adventures out in the sun, she and her friends found themselves unable to find swimsuits that were designed for a realistic woman’s body type. They struggled to find something that they could feel comfortable and confident in. Brands didn’t offer options that cater to most women past a certain ideal. They also didn’t feature models in their campaigns with different shapes, sizes, races, backgrounds and ethnicities. She knew she wanted to change this, to build a brand with collections that focused on inclusivity for all and a purpose driven brand.
From this, the idea for Kindkinis was born. Merilyn wanted to build a company with a greater purpose. A swimsuit line that not only sold swimwear, but a brand that held a higher value with a bigger goal in mind. Kindkinis purpose is to cater to all women, break down the norm and desexualize the swimsuit industry’s image and society’s expectations. Also, to bridge the gap between an item for consumption with charity and education. Kindkinis not only sells affordable swimsuits for all women, but also donates a proceeds of each purchase to help fund a water project in third world communities.

Final Notes 
Merilyn Lopez is a powerful woman with an exceptionally inspirational mission. From her beginnings to her purpose, she faced personal battles that she could’ve let stop her, but instead, she used them to grow and become stronger. If you are looking for a brand that empowers women while educating the world on the demand for a change and gives back to those who need it, KINDKINIS is exactly what you are searching for. 

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