KidGirl October 2020
Johanna Mendoza

Name: Johanna Mendoza 

Location: Los Angeles 

Ethnicity: I am Hispanic. My Mother is Salvadorean and my Father is Mexican. 

I was born & raised in Los Angeles, Ca. 

Birthday: December 29th 

Horoscope: Capricorn! The most dedicated and passionate haha Describe yourself in three words: Jolly, outgoing, kind. 

Any nicknames? Jo & Jojo 

Who is your role model and why:This one has always been tricky for me to answer because I oftentimes feel like I am my own Role model lol! But I will say that Alexandra Ocasio- Cortez aka "AOC" comes pretty close to being my role model. I absolutely admire and respect her. 

How would you define a Kind Girl?Someone that is selfless and loving. 

Have you done any volunteer work or anything in your community?I've volunteered with a couple of non-profits but more than anything I love doing things on my own. The things only God knows about and that could simply mean buying a homeless food, giving someone your sweater, doing good deeds in silence and that's often what fills my heart the most. 

Tell us about your career and accomplishments and where you want to go next in your career:I am an entrepreneur... I dabble into a lot of things But God is my focus and at the center of it all. If God allows, in one year I see myself conducting group Fitness classes for women where we can pray, share, and play worship music. I don't know of a place where you can do that. A Soulful place. Everything my brand represents is Faith + Fitness based. I also see myself expanding my website "Inspired by Jo" a (Godly based platform) into a full online store. 

What are you most passionate about?I am passionate about my love for God and helping people. 

What's something most people don't know about you?I started driving at the age of 20 because anxiety didn't allow me to drive. My daughter and I always took the bus from the valley to Los Angeles for doctors' appointments. Driving was my biggest fear. I am also self-taught. My mother never taught me and I had no one to teach me how. So I began to read the driving manual and passed the first time, and then I asked my friend Javier if we could drive a block around the DMV so I would get familiar with his guidance. We drove 15 min around the block and the next day I passed my test. I had enough of my fear and said enough is enough. I feel like that is the craziest thing but also it boggles my mind that we don't talk about how anxiety can have such an impact on your daily life. 

What's your biggest fear?None. I've left it all in all God's hands. 

What superpower would you choose to have?I would be in different places at once. 

If you could be anything in the world what would you be?I would be preaching like Sarah Jake Roberts or Steven Furtick. I love the way God has anointed them. 

What are your three favorite songs at the moment?Promises" by Maverick city Group, "Man of your Word" by Maverick city group, and "A God like you" Kirk Franklin. 
Currently, everyone is quarantined, tell us what have you been doing with your time?I feel like this year has been something none of us expected. But in the middle of so much chaos, God has birth gifts, visions, and has opened doors for me. I've spent this year working on projects for Inspired by Jo, doing at-home workouts, listening to podcasts, reading the word of God, and spending quality time with my daughter as she is doing home school. I don't take any moment for granted. I can say with confidence...Thus far the Lord has helped me.If you had to give your younger self advice what would you say?You're beautiful, Loved, Chosen, enough. There is more. You have time. 

What advice do you have to younger girls or girls who follow your Instagram account? Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. I hope young girls look and my page and are reminded that God is faithful and they are loved so very deeply. I hope they understand that a kind heart goes a long way and grace only comes from above. I hope they never give up on being who God has called them to be and that my life and testimony are a reminder that they should never settle or feel stuck because God's love never fails. 

Other Advise: People often think of "Teen Moms" as a show on MTV. My life however was much different and complicated to say the least. I was scared, I felt ashamed, and I felt alone. I raised my daughter with the help of my mother. Sometimes when you're in love you think "We are in this together" but that wasn't true for me. The moment you feel alone in any relationship that person isn't for you. The moment I found myself in a hospital room by myself after giving birth I knew "this person isn't for me". Two years later was confirmation of what I already knew. The years went by and I learned to take my baby for immunizations, doctors' appointments, school events by myself, no one guides you. You are through in a deep pool and you just have to swim for you and your child. Fun fact: I disliked anything related to PTA and always begged my daughter not to make me do it but if she really wanted me to I would. haha! I always wanted her to feel like her mother was present. Thank God she didn't care. I wish we lived in a world where we would let people show you who they are and what they were capable of instead of thinking. Typical Latina "Teen Mom". My life is like a novela and I could probably go on forever. But I want you to know the most important and meaningful thing. Throughout it all, God was there, faithful! So many times I prayed that he would make me a strong resilient woman and she is here. I am her! So many times I wished that I had a strong visionary woman in my corner and here I am! I am her. My mission is to help girls, young women, anyone that needs hope, help, love, and kindness.
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