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These bikinis are so cute and comfortable

- Caitlin Brown
Very pleased with the quality and fit of my new swimsuit
- Lavada Lehner
Super flattering styles!

- Leanne Dosuza

Washes nice, looks nice when you’re in the water and the functionality is great.

- Bianka Quigley
Love the messaging and values behind kindkinis. It’s so important to pay attention to where you shop and spend your money
- Barbara Hood
Very happy with the fabric quality and how they stay on in the water.

- June Ikard

Google Testimonials

Love my kindkinis! Great material and really cute designs. Very affordable too!
- S Ho
It’s so hard to find the perfect fitting bikinis and I feel these guys really nailed it!
- Lois Moton
Finally something that fits nice!

- Carissa Adams


You can tell these are really well made and I was surprised for the price. Very happy with the fit too quality and fit.
- Angela Wells
I even wear my bikini top as a crop top with jeans! It’s so pretty!

- Jessica Hodges
Very pleased with the quality and fit.

- Orlene Deserres
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