KindKInis Stories 


Who Are We
KindKinis a powerhouse in the swimwear market, and how their values impact countries around the world.


Bridging the Gap 
In this series, Bridging the Gap, we will disclose what Kindkinis passion behind their brand is, and what they plan to achieve with their vision. 


De-emphasizing the Sexualization of Swimwear
Learn  how Kindkinis plans to re-define the way society views swimwear and women.


Eco-Conscious Beach Bag Essentials
Packing the perfect beach bag is crucial to having a stress-free day at the beach. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, we’ve all been there... 


Our Inspiration 
Our upcoming collection is something we are extremely excited to reveal. A lot of work has gone into the concept of our future line, as we want it to represent who we are and what we valueas a company. (stay tuned)



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